Hi guys! My name is Kelli Kolasheski and I am currently a sophomore at Colorado State University. I am a human development and family studies major with a concentration in early childhood education. My father is in the military, so I have lived all over the world and I have experienced diversity all throughout my life. After graduation, I plan on being an elementary school teacher. In the future, I want to ensure that there is diversity in my classroom and that everyone is respectful to one another. In my free time I enjoy being with family and friends, hiking and cooking. I hope you read this blog and understand how crucial diversity truly is. Diversity makes us all more worldly people an it benefits us in ways we may not even realize. It helps us understand how different everyone is, but that everyone deserves respect no matter their background. In the future, we need to find even more ways to encourage diversity in our schools!

Kelli Kolasheski


Hi! I’m Danielle Britt and I am a sophomore at Colorado State University. I am a Human Development and Families Studies major with a concentration in early childhood. Needless to say, I am definitely a young people kind of person! I’ve had a love for kids for as long as I can remember. Originally, I was planning on going to school to become a nurse, however, that profession just wasn’t in the cards for me! After spending two weeks my junior and senior years of high school in early childhood programs and elementary schools, I realized that I could take the love I had for children and make it into a career as an early childhood education teacher! I finally came to realize that that was my calling all along! With the hopes of becoming a future educator, the concept of diversity in the classroom is something that I am very passionate about. Every child deserves to feel accepted and supported within their classroom, regardless of their cultural background and the research that I have done for my blog supports that claim. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and this sparks an interest in cultural diversity in education for you as it did for me!

Danielle Britt 


Hello, my name is Amanda Houston and I am a Human Development and Family Studies Major. I plan on utilizing my degree once I graduate by becoming a nurse practitioner that will work at disaster sites along with the less fortunate. I am currently a sophomore attending Colorado State University. I was born and raised in the greater city of Los Angeles. Growing up, I was surrounded by diversity. Before I even learned how to count in English I learned how to count in seven different languages because my preschool had to accommodate everyone’s needs that pertained to their different cultures. My town was located on the outskirts of Los Angeles and was known to be an affluent suburban beach city. However, that did not stop our town from bringing in diversity into our school, neighborhoods and workplaces. When I moved to Colorado I was shocked by the lack of diversity in the classrooms, my sorority and our schools clubs. This blog will hopefully open the minds of the people who may not had grown up near different races and cultures by educating them on the importance of it and the benefits that can come out of it by intermingling with one another.

Amanda Houston