“A lot of different flowers make a bouquet.”

— Muslim Origin

Welcome to our blog! We have researched various resources on how crucial diversity is in education. Diversity can enhance and enrich an educational experience and we have explored different ways we can encourage even more diversity in our schools! It is important to note that diversity is not just race, but gender, age, ethnicity and different religions that all come together to combine their experiences, values and thoughts about the world around them. Together they have the ability to create positive changes for our world to create a more blissful environment for all. Open your mind as you read these blog posts and take the time to form your own opinion on the topic. Escape your family, friends and co workers values and create your own. Think about the future and what diversity can do for you…whether it is a positive or a negative thing. Don’t just choose a side, act on it and inform…create a discussion! Make the ball start moving, conversation about diversity must be spoken about now.